Hi Guys!

Now stay with me.

I have often felt very fortunate, to have had some of the coolest people on my side that I could call friends, cheering me on as I try my hand at some new idea or skill, always supportive, heck! Some of them even sit patiently as I put them through what must be the world’s slowest slideshow of images, pausing repeatedly to talk about some funny incident that happened around the time or to emphasise just how good the food was in the picture! Poor sweet things. Now, like that wasn't enough to keep a girl happy, you tell me you might be somewhat interested in these pictures and these stories. You guys have no idea how flustered, shy, anxious and awkward this makes me. I'm all of those things constantly, but mostly, I’m honoured and I'm super grateful. Thank you!

So, here, I am going to dedicate some time strictly to write down some stories and put together some pictures here and there, and try to keep your attention for the long term. 

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So much love,