We got published!

Some of our pictures and an essay Seemal wrote about affordability in cities has been published in the latest issue of My Liveable City

- Karthik.

Affordability in Cities:

There is a thrill in landing in new cities. Rural has its charm too, but sometimes, the hustle of a city might just give you that encouragement you need to achieve your dreams and goals. Its exhilarating being surrounded with new experiences, stories, sights and sounds that attract you and tell you things. Cities are shaped by their people, their intelligence, style, attractiveness, wealth, social class, and most importantly, the quality of life. If you look closely, affordability has a huge role to play here. You are split for choices when you live in a city and affordability clearly dominates the basis of choice.

We ask ourselves, how are their mornings spent? Quick coffees or relaxed breakfasts? Their weekends at bookstores and malls or with outdoor recreation? Are you better off going in the search of hidden cafes or old traditional marketplaces? Street food or the underground bar scene? What are all the options available to them and while we’re visiting their city, us.

We’ve tried to capture this essence of the lifestyle that makes a city, the exciting conflict between affordability, interests and aspirations.

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