b. 1986, HK.

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Seemal is a Brooklyn based photographer with a penchant for story telling. She has a natural way of bringing narratives into her photographs, be it on places with modern or cultural overtones and portraits with raw undertones of emotion.

Seemal started taking pictures in her late teens. Her childhood was spent with her nose buried in books and her head full of stories and different voices for animals, trees and all the inanimate object around her. She would spend all of her free time either drawing or skilfully narrating anecdotes and books she’d been reading, animatedly, to anyone who’d listen. Her teenage years seemed to bring more confusion than confidence, so it was then that she started taking pictures. She took pictures to help her focus. Documenting, in her own way, what she was feeling. Armed with her point and shoot camera, she would continue to hesitantly post photos on a website called Flickr. It was there that she got such a wonderfully warm response to her pictures, that she found it encouraging and kept at it for years to come. Finally, it was only when she was taking a break from practicing Architecture, four years after her Bachelor's degree, she saw where her true passion lied and committed to photography full time.

Seemal now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her beloved, Karthik. 

Her past work experiences include leading her own architecture practice 'Paper-fence’ and before that working with Studio Decode in Bangalore, India and CICO in Doha, Qatar. Seemal’s photography work has been featured in the quarterly design magazine ‘My Liveable City’, art blogs like ’This Isn’t Happiness’ and is regularly showcased on the open-collaborative production company ‘HitRECord’. 


The Flying Squirrel Cafe
Om Made Cafe
Mayuri Upadhya
Nritarutya Dance Studio
Avril Stormy Unger
Vanita Gupta

Featured on:

My Liveable City
This Isn't Happiness
Kerosene Digital
The Guardian
The Goya Journal (Photographs for The Flying Squirrel)
Packaging of the World (Photographs for Om Made Cafe)
+ more client work featured in local newspapers like Bangalore Mirror, Economic Times etc.